In the silence.

There is a place in between the mind and the matter. In that space, time-matter morph into a plasma. The right and wrong emerges, the dualities unite and I become Nobody.


Fearlessly Honest and Rough-Hewn Paintings

I am concerned about human manipulations. Our emotions and relationships with the world has been controlled. It takes a hell of time and energy to break through. A quest to find the-self and it’ connection with the world rounds it.

I started this quest. What I found has gone far beyond that. I have tapped into cellular memory.

The answers to core fundamental questions about complex emotional states of human existence on a cellular level started to be projected between the layers in the paintings.

As a whole, it is a reflection of a moment that is so precious and joyful that we keep it in our hearts to fuel us during the endurance of life. The complex emotional states can be decoded and deeply understood through the senses beyond our 5 senses. I encapsulate these sparks in the form of paintings.

The Work is comprised 2 styles/forms:

Primary Work: Mixed Media Painting

I use oil paint, plaster and resin to create intricate layers and deep texture. The layers of oil painting and plaster to be chipped off to reveal the life of the layer beneath. It is a journey through the landscapes of memory. We feel electrical impulses of the landscape in our bodies. This is the activation code of our cellular memory.

The second half of my name that I only use in Turkey means Rose. I add roses to some of the paintings to complete my sense of being in another culture.

Preparatory work: Body Calligraphy:

It is suspending the whole body of the feet. I use my footwork as meditation. It helps me to develop my Primary work. I use the feet and the body as a paintbrush. By improvised and meditative movements, the feet drag the paint on the canvas and this creates patterns that correspond to the inner journey.

Specific to New Work created in 2018:

I was invited to be an artist in residence in the Peruvian Amazon. I stayed in the jungle for a month and my journey carried on for another month across Peru. During that time, I encountered many indigenous people and shamans, attended many rituals.

When I came back to Sheffield, I had an enormous desire to paint. I had not painted for years. I converted my house into a giant studio. For 3 months, I painted day and night. I experimented with different materials, paints, textures, and shapes, to help me explore the spirit-mind-memory.

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