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I have thought a lot about what to write as I’d like to share glimpses from my life.

If I were to be speaking with a friend over a coffee, what would we be talking about?


The Photo of the Newsletter; Hair of Freedom; taken (by me) during my stay at Rainforest expeditions as part of Trelex Artist Residency in Tambopata National Reserve in Peru. 

I was at the BBC Sheffield for the 8 March international women’s day.  I did the one thing that absolutely doesn’t work for me, that is to be prepared. Here it is, with all its glory;

Listen On Youtube


I finally have a morning routine which I am happy with.

The focus is on my mental clarity & stability; If I lose any of it, that is a battle has to be won fast.

Shortly; Hot water, take supplements, read for about an hour, have breakfast, go for a short walk, shower and start the day…

The glass of hot water could have a couple of drops of lemon juice and/or hint of turmeric in it and/or add a teabagto make a weak tea with the lemon/turmeric.

Take supplements: placebo or not. This is not a recommendation, simply what works for me. There are so many other things I know also work, but I am not applying them just right now.

My Supplements:

Vitamin C(1000mg) :For immune system support: I take one a day in the morning and haven’t got any flue since. This is what I use: Amazon: 

Vitamin B12(1000mg): For boosting and balancing the mood fluctuations :Amazon

  Niacin(500mg) (with no flu): For depression prevention, balancing my mood: Amazon

Recently I have started taking a mushroom complex. It should be taken on and off not all the time as with other medicinal plants.  I’d like to try it out a couple more weeks first before giving you a feedback.

The things that make me go Woux:

TheRead:  “Tales of the Dervishes” by Idries Shah;  Link to the book; Amazon:

I borrowed this book from a friend not expecting anything. What a jewel! Now, I want to read every book of Idries Shah’s. It is a compilation of short stories, the teachings-stories of the Sufi. Selected from the Sufi classics, from oral tradition, and schools of Sufi teaching from many countries.

TheListen: “Fry’s English Delight” BBC4 production;  I enjoyed the 1st,2nd and 4th. 3rd was pushing. Good driving series... 20 min each episode, 4 episodes in each series: free with audible subscription. I am sure you could download it elsewhere. Audible subscription

TheMusic:  “José González”; I found him very soothing and  poetic.Listen on Youtube, Wanna check it out on; Amazon

TheFilm:   “What we do in the shadows” ; I just laughed really loud.  Watch (£0.99 hire cost)

2014 New Zealand mockumentary[3] horror comedy filmwritten, directed by, and starring Jemaine Clementand Taika Waititi

TheWatch: I have 2 similar watches which would explain the reasons for vitamin supplement inlet'ss: Lets make them surprise: Youtube links to lectures; Watch Talk 1Watch Talk 2

See you next time