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Birdman by Ayse Balkose

Birdman by Ayse Balkose

This is my personal life style blog which is devoted designing of my life as a peaceful, content, productive, healthy, mentally stable person who enjoys life, its offerings and who adds value to everything around her.

There is a lot to do. I am always a bit living on the edge, anyway. My edge is the right edge.

Since I came to Istanbul, all my routines are out of the window. There are no short walks in the woods or anywhere else, or hot water with lemon. I feel a different person here, a strange version of myself. The best part comes when I left myself to the experience with knowing I will be back home . It will be tough at the start to adjust but I will have a different routine. It will be so much better.

SO far so good. How could I be sure of this? Because I have done this so many times.

The last 2 years’ focus was more or less my reading habit as it was close to a box of granolas’ reading habits. I was still sounding healthy and sweet though.

Then, it was personal style… my silver hairs, clothes that reflects my personality were more in my trajectory? The answers took their time to arrive. 

I did some self-explorations for this. It is all about the look, innit?

I started a very personal podcast of short self-talks to help me out to identify my character. Just for the sake of determining my style, I know, you don’t need to say.

On Itunes: I AM Ayse

Anchor: I Am Ayse

I over eat when I am hiding or running away from a decision or situation. I try to ignore it or turn my back. I hide my face behind food. I don’t care about weight as I gained my confidence about my physical appearance when I was over weight.  All I know is “feeling light feels good”. 

Now is time, I feel, to determine the next step. What activities would this Ayse enjoy to do? What would she eat?  This is my new personal development project… I will update you if you like, of course. Send me yours as well on twitter, instagram or email.

I am going for raw vegan diet for the next 2-3 months after I return to Sheffield from Istanbul. Taking a look at my life as a system is my intention.

Trara ra ra ra


The Chose of Move and Band:

Film: Cold War;  Absolutely stunning performance. The cinematography is at its high ends. Normally not a fan of black and white that much but this is a stunning movie. I intent to re-watch it.

Listen: Esbjorn Svensson EST:  They were making the finest Jazz the ears could swallow.

See you in two weeks.

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