After Royal Arts Prize Exhibition

What an amazing journey…

Thank you for making it happen. I am hoping you’ve all received a thank you letter form me. If not, I’d blame the Royal Mail and will send you another one.

“Flash Flash Flash: Through the crowdfunding you made it happen, I was interviewed by BBC Sheffield at Breakfast Show. Now for the second time, I am invited to talk on the international women’S day about Art, Culture, Sheffield and my reasons to be being here. I choose to live in Sheffield because of the amazing people I made as friends. “

Now more about Royal Arts Prize:

I’d like to thank every each of you for your belief in me, for your friendship and trust. It has given me a different type of responsibility and a sense of belonging.

I’d like to thank the Royal Arts Prize for their generous reduction on my application fee and Eaton Trust for contribution towards my printing costs. Gold wash…

I wouldn’t have made it without any of you. So one by one I am sending a wild butterfly touch. The puzzle come together…

So many of you may not know how shy and introvert I am. That makes sending emails or contacting people a bit tricky for me. Here we are, some time has past and I feel it should be OK to give some details about the show.


I am attaching some images from the night and the images of the works on the exhibition. Swipe right for random shots from the night. (I don’t know many of the people in the shots. These were taken by Maud, I was too busy enjoying the sushi and prosecco. I had enough for all of us and I wish you could have been there with me to celebrate)

I have made two of my self-portrait photos printed on gold washed aluminium. 2 of the large mixed media paintings went sent with frames made by me from pieces of woods found in skips. The I booked myself a bus ticket for the opening day. I arrived in London in the late afternoon, just enough time to go to the National History Museum. A friend joined me for the opening. She was generous to offer a spare room to stay overnight. A good time for a short catch up.

The night was immense. It felts as if there were hundreds of people flowing through the two gallery spaces hosting the Royal Arts Prize; Royal Opera Arcade gallery and Galleria La Pall Mall.

My works were at the smaller space in Galleria La Pall Mall. It created an intimate feeling. Photo prints on metal were hanging the left of the staircase. Anyone going up and down was able to see them.

It was also a networking event. As I was not too experience in large exhibitions and I spend all the money in prior, I didn’t have any cards or flyers with me. Experience is an experience so the next one, I’ll do the biz.

So with your permission, I’d like to include your email to my new month News-Letter where I could write the shortly about that month's adventure, my music, doc, film, the book of the month and so on.

We are making a difference within “our community”.

Thank YOU
with LOVE


I Am CrowdedFunded

We have successfully raised '%70 of the initial targeted amount during my crowding campaign. I am sure I will find the rest of the money to make the Royal Arts Prize happen. The basic is covered, the first step is done. Every step is a success. One at a time.

I will be wearing a “CrowdFunded” t-shirt when I attend the RoyalArtsPrize with my paintings and photographs.

You’ve made it happen. I will shout that loud to the world with pride.